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【Pre-Summer Sale - 60% OFF】Hula Hoop Hero
【Pre-Summer Sale - 60% OFF】Hula Hoop Hero
【Pre-Summer Sale - 60% OFF】Hula Hoop Hero
【Pre-Summer Sale - 60% OFF】Hula Hoop Hero
【Pre-Summer Sale - 60% OFF】Hula Hoop Hero
【Pre-Summer Sale - 60% OFF】Hula Hoop Hero

【Pre-Summer Sale - 60% OFF】Hula Hoop Hero

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Most Enjoyable Way To Help Shred & Tone Fat!

Sale Ends Today: The Price Will Return To $139.99

Hula Hoop Hero is the easiest and most efficient way to do cardio with limited space, using several rings that are adjustable, simply put it on and start to hula! Focusing your core and leg muscles directly, it's perfect to help toning and getting a multi-muscle exercise at any time, anywhere!

A Great Gift For Mom, Family, or Friends! It's the most enjoyable way to get help burn calories for Summer.

  • Adjustable, Comfortable Design
  • Easily Exercise Anywhere, No Space Needed
  • Fits Up To 70" Waist Size
  • Helps Burn Up To 400 Calories An Hour
  • Works Cardio & Full Body Muscles
  • Adjustable Weight Ball

The weighted ball includes a pouch that is filled with sand and can be easily adjusted at any point to create the resistance you desire. Depending on weight it can help burn up to 400 calories an hour, the equivalent of HIIT bicycle cardio.

Each Hula Hoop Hero is made of a soft, flexible rubber waist band that can be adjusted for waist sizes up to 70".


Age Group: 18-60 
Function: Full-body shaping & toning
Material: ABS
Color: Pink
Maximum Diameter: 45cm
Ball Size: 11*7*7cm