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ProSlim™ EMS Slimming Pad
ProSlim™ EMS Slimming Pad
ProSlim™ EMS Slimming Pad
ProSlim™ EMS Slimming Pad
ProSlim™ EMS Slimming Pad
ProSlim™ EMS Slimming Pad
ProSlim™ EMS Slimming Pad
ProSlim™ EMS Slimming Pad
ProSlim™ EMS Slimming Pad
ProSlim™ EMS Slimming Pad
ProSlim™ EMS Slimming Pad
ProSlim™ EMS Slimming Pad
ProSlim™ EMS Slimming Pad

ProSlim™ EMS Slimming Pad

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Humans used to live very physical lives; we used to run for miles and build houses from the environment. Now, we have moved from hunting and gathering to sitting for long hours hunched over our work desks, running excel files, and answering emails. All that sitting around and eating high-calorie food caused the average human’s weight to spike.

Sitting or staying stationary for hours on end is dangerous for your health. It causes muscle cramps and weight gain. 

You can lose weight and get rid of muscle pain with the EMS Slimming Pad!

Get yours today!


Marco’s life changed when he started using the EMS Slimming Pad. Now he was able to lose weight and become healthy again!

“I’m really shocked at how much weight I've lost. I used to be chubby but now I’m way healthier and thinner than I was before I started using the EMS Slimming Pad.”  

Harriet was able to cut the pounds with the EMS Slimming Pad. Here is her story! 

“I used to have really fat thighs and a tummy but all of that changed when I started using the EMS Slimming Pad. Its six modes really helped burn the fats down to nothing. It also helped contract my muscles which really helped tone down my stomach and thighs too!”



“I work as a data analyst so I never really had an active lifestyle, and in return, I developed quite a tummy and flab. After using the EMS Slimming Pad, I was able to get the perfect model that is comfortable for me. After around five days, I noticed my stomach starting to shrink.” 


 “With continuous use, I noticed my shirts that once had a fitted form, now becoming loose. I’m surprised that some of my clothes before my most recent weight gain have also begun to fit again! My stomach has become less bulging and by the end of the week, it has completely shrunk to a small bulge.” 


“Still using the Pad, I now have a flat stomach. I changed the mode to something more intense to stimulate my muscles. Three days after the third week of using the pad, I noticed my stomach starting to become toned!”


“I look way better and healthier than before! I’m down to one size, and I no longer look unhealthy and overweight. This is a great product for me, especially in my type of work. I use this to slim down other parts of my body alongside my stomachs such as arms and legs- both achieve the same result!” 


  • Slimming- Cut the pounds with the EMS Slimming Pad. Its six vibration modes help break down excess fat. 
  • Ergonomic Design- The EMS Slimming Pad isn’t bulky or intrusive that boasts a sleek and small design; the user’s comfort is at the utmost priority during the design of this product. 
  • Wide Applicability- The EMS Slimming Pad is applicable to multiple body parts such as the thighs, legs, stomach, nape, and arms.
  • Non-Slip- No need to worry about the EMS Slimming Pad slipping off because it boasts a non-stick design that could withstand rigorous physical activities such as running, jogging, and jumping.
  • Rechargeable- The EMS Slimming Pad is rechargeable but it also runs on batteries; this two-way recharging makes the EMS Slimming Pad one of the most convenient health gadgets in the market!
  • Six Modes- The EMS Slimming Pad has six modes that the user can set according to their own comfort. 
  • Automatic Power Off- The EMS Slimming Pad automatically powers off after fifteen minutes of use



  • Press the “ON/OFF” button to start the pad.
  • Gently yet firmly slap the EMS Slimming Pad on the back of your neck.
  • Leave the pad on your skin while you work or exercise.
  • Remove the patch intermittently to let your skin breathe.
  • Gently wash the EMS Slimming Pad by dabbing a tissue paper in alcohol and wiping the underside. 
  • To change batteries: Flip the EMS Slimming Pad and slide the compartment with the arrow open. 


Package Size: 15x7x2.3cm

Product Weight: 55g

Box Inclusion: USB Charging cable, manual, massage sticker, EMS Slimming Pad


1X EMS Slimming Pad